DIAC Conference Topics

Key areas of focus for DIAC 2016

  • Pre hospital Emergency care concept in the GCC
  • Ambulance services scope, practice models, licensing and accreditation
  • Complete cycle of patient journey in EMS
  • Research , development and innovation in EMS
  • Technology brings EMS to next level
  • Collaboration of interagency in pre hospital emergency care

Key topics that will be discussed during the conference:

  • EMS System in GCC
  • Asian EMS Council, PAROS and PATOS
  • Dispatcher Assisted CPR and outcome
  • Eelectronic patient care report in Prehospital emergency care
  • Which is the best destination hospital?
  • Pre hospital thrombolysis concept
  • Community involvement in treating the patient
  • Mass casualty incident and interagency collaboration
  • Out of hospital cardiac arrest KPI in GCC to monitor
  • Response Time, “Treating the clock not the patient.”
  • Research concept in EMS
  • Operational deployment of ambulance a challenge?
  • Medical claims in ambulance services
  • Injury preventions wellbeing of Paramedic
  • Road Traffic accidents, prevention is better than cure