60 Companies in IECM 2016

Dubai International Ambulance Conference continues on its 2nd day


Dubai, United Arab Emirates,22nd of March, 2016:  The 2nd day of the International Emergency & Catastrophe Management Conference & Exhibition (IECM 2016) along with the 1st edition of Dubai International Ambulance Conference (DIAC) continued in its 2nd day at the Dubai International Convention Center. The event has witnessed over the two days a remarkable participation of a number of local and international figures in the field of emergency and catastrophe management.

The International Emergency & Catastrophe Management Conference & Exhibition contributes towards the capacity building of the responders during an emergency. The exhibition showcases the latest innovations in the field of emergency medical services & equipment, ambulance services, emergency service vehicles, emergency medicines, and search & rescue equipment.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, the Executive Chairman of the IECM Conference and Exhibition said: “In its 11th edition, IECM witnesses the participation of 60 local and international companies and institutions, coming from 35 to showcase their latest technologies and equipment, not to mention the new fleet of high-tech, smart ambulances which allow for successfully responding to accidents and disasters, in a considerably short period of time. We expect IECM this year to attract 3,800 participants and visitors from the region and the world.”

“The International Emergency & Catastrophe Management Exhibition & Conference attracts notable speakers and experts in disasters and emergencies, who will share their knowledge and expertise in scientific sessions and workshops. Those sessions will enhance and develop the participants’ experiences, which will allow them to respond better to disasters and emergencies. We are confident that those scientific sessions will have a positive impact on mortality and the probability of survival ratios,” Dr. Al Madani added.

Dr Shaji Mohamed Haneef, Senior Specialist Physician, ED and Trauma center, Rashid hospital Dubai Clinical Lecturer at Dubai Medical College said: “The 11th edition of IECM in Dubai, focuses on recent advances and development in the field of emergency medicine and catastrophe management taking place globally. It coordinates and promote participation of major players in the field to share their knowledge and experience, which is of tremendous importance in this region as Emergency Medicine is relatively new specialty here.”

Dr Shaji Mohamed Haneef continued: “This year, conference topics and workshops are tailored to generate interest and active participation of delegates. The topics are update, short, with high scientific contents, elegantly grouped and presented in such a way that it remains in the minds of all participants.”

And he added: “Large emphasis is also given to promote training and education in this field by ensuring active participation of Resident trainees in Emergency medicine across the region. Prize winning poster completions, question and answer sessions are included throughout the conference. We are sure that this conference will have a great positive impact in all participants.”

From his side, Dr. Sami Mana Ahmad, Head of Medical Accreditation and Studies Section Department of Medical & Technical Affairs, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services said: “The ongoing training for paramedics and conducting fire drills and false crisis throughout the year will  raise the efficiency of individuals working in this field to the highest level. Those trainings will also enable them to be very effective and efficient throughout major events”.

He also pointed out that the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services is keen to apply the best practices and the latest smart methods used by the most qualified paramedics and technicians which goes in line with the highest international standards, that provide the highest degree of safety and health security, based on national and strategic policies. In addition, the cooperation supports and allocates all the necessary resources for risk management procedures and improve the health care services and the capability to deal with any developments related to public health and the life of the individual.

The International Emergency & Catastrophe Management Conference & Exhibition and Dubai International Ambulance Conference will continue until 23rd of March 2016, and it is held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Both events are also organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions, member of INDEX Holding.